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I work at the intersection of randomness and deliberation. It is a very interesting teeter-totter of an intersection, rarely in balance, open to a breath of wind or something dropping or dripping on something else. I formerly worked with the human figure, a very deliberate process, with an end in sight and a plan to get there. After a brain aneurysm in 2010, a major shift occurred, and my process became one of letting the art lead in a completely new direction, with me toddling behind quizzically, having no idea where I might end up.

Each of these abstract works is a small prayer, or meditation. Conversely, it is a puzzle -solving exercise, or a swoon into color. I place many confounding, even polarized elements in my collages— remnants and discards torn from older painted pieces, small bits of things I discover lying around. Tiny twigs! Torn corrugated cardboard! Fraying papers! I recycle myself constantly, with what might normally get tossed in the trash. I dumpster dive frequently into my own past work to mine for new combinations.

I am also a credentialed art therapist. I am aware of metaphors abounding in my process. I am aware of the creative journey from my medical trauma to my recovery. However, the pure joy of living inside these small pieces while I am building them is all I need to keep doing the work.

Please enjoy!




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